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Honey Bee Removal in Fort Worth - Honey Bee Rescue

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Bee Removal Ft. Worth

Fort Worth Texas

Honey Bee Removal in Fort Worth - Honey Bee Rescue Fort Worth Texas
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Honey Bee Removal - Ft. Worth

Ft. Worth is a unique area when it comes to honeybees. Our warmer than average winters rarely fall below freezing and if they do it does not last long. Our wet springs and plentiful grassy areas with our giant oaks, cotton wood and hack-berry trees make for an abundance of honey bees. With the plethora of honeybees unfortunately sometimes they end up in places they are not supposed to be. Below we will discuss some of the seasonal observations and bee removal specific for Ft. Worth Texas. For all your bee related issues you can also call us:

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Spring swarm season in Ft. Worth Texas is always buzzing with many new honeybee swarms needing to be removed from homes and businesses. Honeybees are very distinct in their swarm shape consisting of bees’ furry thorax and yellow and black bands that range from light bright yellow to almost black. Odds are if you see a cluster of flying insects in the spring and it is not in a structure it is most likely a honeybee swarm. These swarm of bees tend to anchor themselves on small branches of trees and range from a baseball sized ball to bigger than two watermelons. Occasionally customers will have a honeybee swarm on their house or other places. So, what to do if you "Have a honeybee swarm on my house," you ask? The best option is always a live honey bee removal in Fort Worth by a professional beekeeper and not to use pest control or exterminators. Swarms rarely are Africanized bees. Quite the opposite. That group of honeybees is quite calm as the new queen bee and honeybee scouts look for a new place to make a new beehive. Despite being full of honey and very docile when swarming, it is still recommended to use a professional local bee control company in Fort Worth. If you happen to catch a honeybee swarm mid-flight it is an amazing experience. Below is a video we managed to catch right as a very large colony of bees arrived. Unlike other flying insects as a yellow jacket or carpenter bee only honeybees group together to form a bee hive like this in such unusual places here in Texas. It is always best to use an experienced Fort Worth honey bee removal service when removing swarms. Never should they use powders to treat a swarm as this will sicken the bees. A beekeeper can easily brush a swarm of bees into a box and save the bees for a future beehive.

Bee Removal Specialists

Hive Removal in Ft. Worth Texas is quite common. Our older ranch style houses in Highland Park and Lakewood and architectural desire to encapsulate roof-lines and eves in East Ft. Worth provides ample cavities for bees and squirrels alike to move into our homes. Often referred to bees in my roof, these bee swarms actually use the space between our insulated exterior wall to establish a bee hive requiring live bee removal by a beekeeper, skilled carpenter and pest control technician. Rarely do companies have all three. Our experienced bee removal specialists in Fort Worth are trained in all three. We can remove bees, clean out the beehive and bee colony, and repair any damages and specialize in bee proofing the area so no bee extermination will ever be needed again.

Beehive removals from these areas although common can be quite complicated depending on the location, material, and size of the live bee removal. Having a chemical only bee control performed on an established honey bee hive is something we strongly recommend against. Chemical bee control provided by pest control technicians and exterminators leaves the beehive wax in the wall, it kills the bees, and it is almost guaranteed not to work. Live be removal extracting the honeycomb and filling the space is the only way to ensure honeybees do not return and additional pest control is not needed.

Other areas we see in Ft. Worth Texas and surrounding areas that we relocate honey bees hives from is the city and residential water boxes or cable boxes near our homes. It can be quite an issue with a broken pipe and a water box with a well-established bee colony and try to find a bee removal company or licensed pest control technician. If you see bees coming out the keyhole you most likely have an established hive and need hive removal. These honeybees can easily be rescued by our bee rescue technicians and relocated quickly with minimal cost.

For the best honey bee removal in Ft. Worth and surrounding areas call Honey Bee Rescue. We not only rescue the bees but rescue you from high prices. We specialize in live bee removal and beehive and swarm removals with over 13 years of in business experience. We stand by the work of our professional bee removal using only skilled carpenters and pest control operators, bee proofing your Ft. Worth Home wile saving the bees. Call us for Free Estimates! Yes, absolutely free bee removal estimates! Talk to a live person and skilled technician immediately! Bee removal specialists serving Ft. Worth Texas and surrounding areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is NO but it is not recommended. Honeybees are stinging insects and unlike wasp control and the carpenter bee which are pests honey bees are considered threatened and beneficial insect in Texas. Our bee removal company specializes in live bee removal and actually makes money off of the hives we remove.
This is quite a complicated question. Although Honey Bee Rescue specializes in bee proofing homes it can be quite difficult to ensure bees do not enter older homes. Squirrels and other tree rats are constantly gnawing at woodwork making ample opportunity for honey bees to set up and start a beehive. Removal of bees caught early is not only the most affordable but is the best for the honeybees. We offer lifetime warranties to all of our bee removal and bee rescue areas. We remove the bees, patch the area, and the cavity so no bee swarms can return.
The best answer is to call a pest control operator that is experienced in hive removal and live bee removal that will save the bees. Most beekeepers are not licensed to perform bee removal from your house.
No Smoking bee swarms or honey bees in general just calms the aggressive bees. It is very dangerous to apply smoke without experience and often a misconception of novice bee keepers or homeowners. It can result in agitated honey bee hives or worse fire. Smoke entices the bees to consume honey and can assist in beehive removals but will not drive them out. Also many chemicals such as newspaper ink and treated lawn clippings used can actually harm the bees making them more aggressive and difficult to remove bees. Also Africanized bee is quite common in Ft. Worth in Mid Summer and are very aggressive even with smoke.
Swarm removals are the least expensive of our service. We must charge something because we must pay for advertising from would be beekeepers or exterminators as we want the bees. Also, there is a lot of work taking a swarm of honeybees from feral to becoming productive honey bee colonies. Swarm bees are usually covered in mites and other parasites which must be treated. And the queen bee in a swarm is usually older and must be replaced with good genetics. It is about 20 hours of work to get a honey bee swarm fully functional and productive.
The short answer is yes. But it is often difficult to find experienced professional bee removal technicians to do the work. Most back yard beekeepers do not understand what entails in re-homing a swarm of bees. They usually do not carry insurance or have the correct tools a licensed pest control operator must correctly perform live removals.
Although there are many chemicals that kill bees. There are not many that kill bees instantly. Most of the big box store chemicals we see used on honeybees are wasp sprays or some internet literature like soapy water which does not work. For your sake and ours please do not use these chemicals.
The average bee removal cost depends on many factors such as the material the size of the beehive the repair work, we are performing and of course the time of year. We can confirm due to our apiary and removal of live bees we are almost 100% of the time less expensive than our competition. We are beekeepers not exterminators and can use the lovely honey to offset our honeybee removal costs.
Most likely not, In Ft. Worth we see truly aggressive honey bees only a few times a year. Most of the time aggressive bees are a result of chemicals or attempts to remove the honeybees during a non professional bee removal in an attempt to perform a bee extermination. Our bee removal technicians are experienced in live bee removal by a of all types of bees including aggressive bees. Please keep a safe distance when we are working on hives. We will use cones and markers to indicate the safe distance when performing live removals.

Ft. Worth

Ft. Worth

Bee Removal Ft. Worth

Fort Worth, Texas

Honey Bee Removal in Fort Worth - Honey Bee Rescue Fort Worth

If you need urgent bee removal, swarm removal, or want to speak with one of our bee keepers to discuss hive removal please call us as we are often available after hours.

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Bee Removal from your home

Ft. Worth

Congratulations. If you are reading this you most likely live in Ft. Worth and have a honey bee or a bee related issue needing local bee control, beekeeper, or safe live honey bee removal services. So, why not use services by a local beekeeper that owns and operates a Texas apiary that is from the area!

Our first safe bee removals with our first honey bee removal services were performed for our friends and family with honeybee related issues and people wanting live bee removal service. It is where we perfected our “Save the bees” motto and honeybee removal processes, encountered our first hive of killer bees, and tuned our technique for live bee swarm and honeybee rescue.

Initially we performed live bee removals to replace dead out bee hives that failed over winter in our Texas apiary and to expand our Texas apiary by gathering bees from Ft. Worth and other areas.

We have come a long way since our start and have performed many honey bee rescues, safe bee removals, swarm retrievals, and live bee relocations all to save the bees. Local Ft. Worth bee control by a beekeeper is what we do and we are good at it!

Ft. Worth

Why SO many Bees in Ft. Worth?

Fort Worth’s environment is the preferred location for bees to canalize. With thriving wildlife—including some of honey bee’s favorite foliage and flowers—there is plenty of resources to sustain a honey beehive. Mild winters also add to the local survival rate of bees. This ideal environment for bees to thrive, in turn, makes it a hot spot for bee and hive removal services.

At Honey Bee Rescue, we’ve removed hives from all sorts of structures and environments, including some incredibly mature hives that were tucked away and out of sight for quite some time. As beautiful as they are, older homes in Fort Worth are more susceptible to swarms finding a home in any little hole or gap, as they are not sealed to the same degree as they are today. We’ve also found bee colonies (in both older and newer homes) almost everywhere—from in the older wooden uninsulated garage walls to under the house or garage foundation to the eaves of ranch style homes. Our Fort Worth honey bee removal services have also come in handy in removing hives from trees—such as cottonwood, hackberry, and elm—from our clients’ properties.

Why SO many Bees in Ft. Worth?

Ft. Worth and the surrounding area create an ideal habitat for honey bee colonies and honey bee nests and is one of the foremost areas in the metroplex for bee removal services. Mild winters allow bee hives to survive using less resources aiding to bee colony success. The many acres of wetlands cater to a plethora of vegetation and honey bee friendly flowers which increases the survivability of wild honey bee nests.

Also the area has many back yard beekeepers who unfortunately have honeybee hives that escape via swarm adding to feral honey bee populations often requiring honey bee control.

As a point of reference on average we remove 30-50 owl boxes of honey bees a summer just from North East Dallas alone! Now that is a lot of new bee hives!

Older homes in the area also provide ample places for honey bees to create a hive or establish new bee colonies. Homes back in the day were not created to be as sealed as they are today and would “Breathe,” which is a nice way of saying there are lots of little holes and gaps for honey bees to make a new bee nest.

Many of the bee colonies we perform live bee control for in the area are of established bee nests. Some of the biggest removal jobs we have done have been bee hives of honeybees often times residing in older wooden uninsulated garage walls, under the house or garage foundation, or in the eaves of ranch style homes. We see homes infiltrated after squirrels or tree rats gnaw into soffits or eves creating the perfect entryway for new honeybee swarms to set up new honeybee hives. We do find some bee colonies in dying trees especially cottonwood trees, hackberry trees, and elm trees as these tend to hollow out creating the perfect place for honeybees to set up a new honeybee colonies requiring safe honeybee removal services.

So, if you have questions about the local honeybee removals in Ft. Worth please give us a call for free no obligation quotes from local beekeepers. We promise to be quick and help you with any honeybee related issues. We will safely remove honeybees using our cutting edge technology removing honeybees from your home with a warranty if they ever come back.

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