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Bee Hive Removal and Beekeepers Near Dallas Texas

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Bee Hive Removal and Beekeepers Near Dallas Texas

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Bee Removal Dallas

Dallas, Texas

Bee Hive Removal and Beekeepers Near Dallas Texas, Texas
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Bee Hive Removal and Beekeepers Near Dallas Texas - Don't use a bee exterminator

We understand the houses in Dallas require a highly skilled carpenters and roof specialists in addition to a honey bee removal technician to not only to remove the bees but repair the area from the bee removals ensuring the beehive will not come back and the honey bee removal is successful. We provide the complete range of carpentry, skilled labor and professionalism to remove bees from Dallas Homes.

Many honey bee removal companies and local beekeepers do not have the expertise, insurance coverage, licensing needed to protect your property and successfully get rid of bees. If a pest control company cannot provide you these immediately or guarantee the work performed you are taking a risk. Why risk thousands of dollars of damage to your Dallas home by using less than reputable live bee removal local beekeepers and honey bee removal services?

Honey bee removal services that offer limited work or perform sub-par honey bee removal service not restoring your Dallas home to its original state should be avoided. Why trust someone that does limited repair work after the bee removals to do the job in the first place on your investment? We have a proven track record of repair, bee removals, pest control, live bee removal, and identifying types of bees.

Congratulations. If you are reading this you most likely live in Dallas and have a honey bee or a bee related issue needing local bee control, beekeeper, or safe live honey bee removal services. So, why not use services by a local beekeeper that owns and operates a Texas apiary that is from the area!

Our first safe bee removals with our first honey bee removal services were performed for our friends and family with honeybee related issues and people wanting live bee removal service. It is where we perfected our “Save the bees” motto and honeybee removal processes, encountered our first hive of killer bees, and tuned our technique for live bee swarm and honeybee rescue.

Initially we performed live bee removals to replace dead out bee hives that failed over winter in our Texas apiary and to expand our Texas apiary by gathering bees from Dallas and other areas.

We have come a long way since our start and have performed many honey bee rescues, safe bee removals, swarm retrievals, and live bee relocations all to save the bees. Local Dallas bee control by a beekeeper is what we do and we are good at it!

Dallas Bee Swarm Mid-flight

Why SO many Bees in Dallas?

Dallas and the surrounding area create an ideal habitat for honey bee colonies and honey bee nests and is one of the foremost areas in the metroplex for bee removal services. Mild winters allow bee hives to survive using less resources aiding to bee colony success. The many acres of wetlands cater to a plethora of vegetation and honey bee friendly flowers which increases the survivability of wild honey bee nests.

Also the area has many back yard beekeepers who unfortunately have honeybee hives that escape via swarm adding to feral honey bee populations often requiring honey bee control.

As a point of reference on average we remove 30-50 owl boxes of honey bees a summer just from North East Dallas alone! Now that is a lot of new bee hives!

Older homes in the area also provide ample places for honey bees to create a hive or establish new bee colonies. Homes back in the day were not created to be as sealed as they are today and would “Breathe,” which is a nice way of saying there are lots of little holes and gaps for honey bees to make a new bee nest.

Many of the bee colonies we perform live bee control for in the area are of established bee nests. Some of the biggest removal jobs we have done have been bee hives of honeybees often times residing in older wooden uninsulated garage walls, under the house or garage foundation, or in the eaves of ranch style homes. We see homes infiltrated after squirrels or tree rats gnaw into soffits or eves creating the perfect entryway for new honeybee swarms to set up new honeybee hives. We do find some bee colonies in dying trees especially cottonwood trees, hackberry trees, and elm trees as these tend to hollow out creating the perfect place for honeybees to set up a new honeybee colonies requiring safe honeybee removal services.

So, if you have questions about the local honeybee removals in Dallas please give us a call for free no obligation quotes from local beekeepers. We promise to be quick and help you with any honeybee related issues. We will safely remove honeybees using our cutting edge technology removing honeybees from your home with a warranty if they ever come back.

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