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Bee Removal Process

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Beekeeping is Tough Business

Bee Removal Process

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Bee Removal Process Costs Vs. Bee Removal

Beekeeping in 2020

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We will remove bees from Dallas, Uptown Dallas, Plano, McKinney, Highland Park, Allen, Flower Mound, Grapevine, Frisco. Call 214 227-7562

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Step by step guide to bee removal

  • Inspect the bee hive Inspect the bee hive:

    Our trained bee removal professionals will observe the area for honeybee activity and use cutting edge technology such as infra-red cameras to observe the hive within the structure (Infra-Red Picture of beehive). Bees will show a “hotter” color as a typical hive is warmer than its surroundings due to the number of bees.

Bee Removal Services

A problem with most bee removal services they claim to be beekeepers but don't make honey or know how to keep bees. They might have a few hives but most of their business is from the extermination of bees and will quote you high prices to have them removed only to just kill them or move the hive somewhere like a field and throw it away.

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What can you do?

  1. Buy local honey from beekeepers directly.
  2. Look for words like RAW and Unfiltered or inspected for Rice and Corn syrup.
  3. Ask if the company is keeping hives or bees or is just an importer/blender.
  4. Don't pay would be exterminators posing as beekeepers.
Bee Removal
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Direct Assistance.

We directly and assist in the management of over 150 hives in our apiary and others with the assistance of our honey company Real Honey LLC ( and we are looking to expand to 400 by the end of next year with a little help from the removal business and a few state grants.

Bee Removal
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Our Apiary

Our Apiary is perfectly located in east Texas about 50 miles east of Dallas backing up to 5000 acres of nature preserve and 1200 acres of cattle ranches.

Bee Removal

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