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Beekeeping is Tough Business

What should I ask when looking for a bee removal company?

Unfortunately, not all removal companies are the same. Here are some tips when reviewing a company.

Ask if the company keeps bees. I can say I am a beekeeper and keep bees but what does this mean? Some will say yes they are beekeepers Great ask them to show you pictures of their apiaries. Why woudln't a beekeeper be able to provide this info? Do they sell honey? Ask if they are registered with the Texas Beekeepers Association. Ask for proof. If they say things like "we work with beekeepers," or can't provide evidence or answer be skeptical they most likely just exterminate bee or are not beekeepers.

Ask them how many hives they remove a week and how that correlates to how many hives they save? The major players in the metro area destroy 10-100 X as many hives as they "save" most would rather let the bees go only to pick them up in another location days later. If you do 20-100 removals a week shouldn't the number of hives you have be correlated? Proof is more than just words. Make them show you. There are a lot of scam artists and companies that have made it their business to sell the perception of being a beekeeper but have no interest as the money is significantly less compared to just doing removals or exterminations.

Ask local beekeeper associations. Do they support the organisations and are they supported by local bee clubs? Ask the company for proof! Most of the less than reputable organizations do not and are not supported. They have earned a name in the community and that is what they are trying to hide. They are not listed or supported and most likely are not even sponsored by the state as beekeepers.

Do your homework and ask, "Will the same person I am speaking to remove the hive?" Most of the larger organizations subcontract to 1099 business or other "removal" workers that are paid to smash or poison the hive resulting in property damage, honey dripping through the walls, and irresponsible incomplete work. Worse of all they kill the bees.

Does the person who answers the phone and identify as the owner or someone who works with bees? OR are they a call center? Can they answer your questions? If they can't most likely you are being funneled through one of the larger less than reputable companies. They use call centers and pay to boost their advertising to capture unsuspecting customers.

Lastly, call around. Bees are intimidating and the less than reputable companies know to play on your emotions and need to have the bees evicted as soon as possible. The big players want you to decide now with the higher pricing because they know you will pay. Get multiple quotes and save your money.

Compare services and make them write down the exact work being preformed show pictures etc. Not all services are the same and know what you are paying for. A beekeeper will be honest and up front. They will explain and spend the time with you to understand what is going to be done and why.

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